Since all the cool kids do it

[19:52] Aaron: hey, there was just a question on jeopardy that said Adlai Stevenson ran for VP in 1892
[19:52] Aaron: how can that be?
[19:52] Aaron: he ran for president in 1952
[19:52] Aaron: he was UN ambassador in the 1960’s
[19:53] LPFabulous: Umm… Aaron
[19:53] LPFabulous: How could it be?
[19:53] Aaron: he could be an immortal like on highlander
[19:53] LPFabulous: Or…?
[19:53] Aaron: there are two adlai stevensons?
[19:54] LPFabulous: (By the way, Nixon cut his head off0
[19:54] LPFabulous: )
[19:54] LPFabulous: But yes
[19:54] LPFabulous: The former was his grandfather
[19:54] Aaron: well that’s a bunch of cockamamie horseshit
[19:54] LPFabulous: HAHAHA
[19:54] LPFabulous: Cockamamie!
[19:54] Aaron: indeed
[19:54] LPFabulous: I said “in a coon’s age” yesterday and Zach yelled at me
[19:54] Aaron: hahaha
[19:54] Aaron: why?
[19:54] Aaron: that’s a good one
[19:55] LPFabulous: That’s what I think too
[19:55] LPFabulous: Is it Moses?
[19:55] Aaron: well regardless, my goal in life is to build a time machine and wipe out the first adlai stevenson for existing and making me think the real adlai stevenson lived to be 120
[19:55] Aaron: oh, i stopped watching in outrage
[19:55] LPFabulous: That would be a problem for the Adlai S you know and love
[19:56] LPFabulous: Yes, it was Moses
[19:56] Aaron: hooray
[19:56] Aaron: we should go on high school jeopardy
[19:56] Aaron: meaning you
[19:56] Aaron: because i’d just get frustrated at the answers and storm off
[19:57] Aaron: wow, the real adlai was a unitarian
[19:57] Aaron: that’s pretty neat

I hate myself.

Planned Parenthood express.

Remember when Aaron Johnson was a pleasant, plump, Arby’s eating individual who did hilarious things like that?

Now he’s just a cold, thin, non Arby’s eating Jackass who acts like a fatcat all day long.

I miss the good ol days.

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