Sick of taxes? Become a witch!

It’s about time the witches in Holland got given a tax break!

I see that she knows ‘about the magic of life in general and the magic of the earth in particular’ as well as ‘how to use crystal balls and prepare herbs.’

I wonder if she uses her crystal ball as part of a homemade disco light and prepares the magical herbs (and perhaps mushrooms) she got from the earth for human consumption. Afterwards she can contemplate ‘about the magic of life in general’ and wonder why her hands are so big. Sounds like my kinda witch!

Do they offer a six week course? I don’t think I can do a full year…

I read the Harry Potter books. Does wizardry grant me some sort of tax break?

You’ll only have to do it for as long as it takes for you to do magic. After that you can use magic to make your course finish.

Only if you’ve watched the movies too.

Couldn’t happen here that’s mixing religion and taxes. The IRS hates the fact they can’t tax most religious beliefs. OOPS, I said IRS, quick someone give me a Ring of Protection. We all know who the IRS really works for. it’s NOT internal. it’s INFERNAL!!

Since when did learning witchcraft have anything to do with religion? I see no indication that she’s a Pagan, Christian, Jewish or whatever in any of the posts…


For being such a sap you’ll have to pay extra taxes.

To the original topic -

I guess their spell worked!

That’s what happens when you don’t auto-renew your domain, silly buns!

Actually it appeared that registerfly turned my domain over to an old registrar… Strange…

What does that have to do with witches though, you think they cast a spell on you or something, like the one in Bewitched, she was kinda hot, I woulda let her wiggle her nose at me, i tell ya, but what about the two dicks, the first dick was ok i suppose but the second dick was just like a big stressed out wrinkle, dont you think?

Nope, two dicks was one too many for that witch.

and to add to that…




Carefully hides the crystals, hair, and stuffed manican behind her

You know, for the few days that the forums were down, I sure did get a lot of of that stock webspace filler site. I mean, who knew that Google could be used for searching the Internet???

whats google?

They’re used to protect your eyes!

You have safety googles for when your doing your chemistry experiments, craft work or just don’t like being blasted in the eyes.

You can get swimming googles too.

Ahh, I thought they were called Yahoo or something.

No silly! That’s what you dry yourself with.

My eyes! The googles do nothing!