Shadowrun prediction becomes reality (almost)

… Orcs, trolls to follow shortly. Or perhaps not.

Anyway, from several sourcebooks published years ago:

from ‘Paranormal animals of north america’:
“You into old movies? Pre-simsense, I’m talking. Check out an old classic, Predator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger before he went into politics. That’s what this bleeder looks like, pretty close.”

from ‘Native American Nations vol. 1’
they talk about a wrestler who looks so much like an old flatscreen star that he goes by the name “Conan the Republican”. The spitting image of senator schwartzenegger…

From the Aztlan sourcebook:

>>>>(Yeah, right. And I’ve seen Jetblack. (oh, hey, did you know Elvis tried to assassinate Senator Schwarzenegger? It’s true…))<<<<<
-Boris (22:23:16/5-9-56)



(you’re going to have to explain yourself a little more, as this thread makes -2 sense to me)

I don’t even know what Shadowrun has to do with this.

What in the world is a shadowrun?

It is a popular pencil and paper RPG. It’s essentially Dungeons and Dragons in the future.

Yet I am still unable to decipher this thread. Is he trying to say that Shadowrun predicts that Arnold will be elected governor?

It predicts arnold’s entry into politics. Thus begging the question of whether its other predictions, which mostly involve orcs, and a president with scales and leathery wings, will come to pass. But in reality, of course, I was only looking for an acceptable context for the phrase ‘conan the republican.’

This was funnier in my head.

Things usually are.

I’m sure it would have been funnier if any of us were familiar with “Paranormal Animals of North America,” “Native American Nations Vol. 1,” or the “Aztlan Sourcebook.” Instead, none of us had any idea what these things were.

I think it’s pretty good odds that Lonestar, or some other national private police force, comes into being.

Those titles had no bearing on anything.

You aren’t missing anything, it just wasn’t that funny.