Second Life

After watching a video that seemed to scream “download me”, i buckled and downloaded & signed up for an account on the service Second Life. I’m now lounging around wasting time on the internets and not being productive anymore with life. Well I am done with Lost, so I am done with Life (been there, done that). Well back to the game, I saw a post on digg or slashdot or one of those tech new sights for the “experience” that is Second Life and it seemed to be a really good concept. I downloaded and installed it, then began the process of learning how to create a character. You can make some messy people with this game, let me tell ya. Big breasted weirdos to stick figures to fat little trolls, this game is made for everyone! I then got the craving for some Jack in the Box, and after looking for some photos of the spiffy JBX stores they have/had in San Diego (and seeing a cute chick who turned out to be gothy and made me want to go to AX), I had the revelation. Why not make the Jack in the Box head?! Well, I fucking made it, and its spiffy. I think so at least. It could use a little improvement, but that’ll happen with time methinks. I’ve attached it for all to see. In any event, some links will also be found and posted as I see fit. I really don’t see myself doing much in this “world” besides fucking around and causing mischief, it seems like it could get expensive. In any event, anyone else gonna try this shit?

Thats a neat Jack in the Box head!

What is this game anyway, I read a bit about it but I dont like the fact you have to pay real money for clothes in the game and stuff (This might be a be hypicritial though since I’ve been paying for world of warcraft since it came out), is it just like a big irc room with some models or more like blockland without all the lego?

Yeah that describes it rather well. Although you can make all your own stuff if you want. You don’t need to purchase anything in the game, just land if you want to.