Script madness

Man, no wonder I was vaguely disappointed by this movie. Notice how they didn’t rip on the wrestling scene, because it is perfect.

I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing

Note: the Empire State Building thing is real. He was supposed to land and be able to see the Twin Towers. As a matter of fact, a couple of promo posters were printed with him on the Empire State and the WTC reflecting off of the eyes of his uniform. The FBI is currently investigating links between that scene and terrorists in Iran.

Anyway, when I worked at Michaels, some guy brought that poster in and wanted it framed. There were only a coupld hundred of them made (for theaters only), and most were destroyed after the attacks on orders from the studio. That poster was worth something like $10,000.

I peed on it. Then I was arrested under the Patriot Act.

Hey wait a minute, that script is for a movie called Spiders-Man, about a guy who can shoot spiders from his ears.

The major villain is Billygoat Carlton.