[Round 1A][Battle 2] 27:7 vs. 32:9


The top one has less votes, yet somehow it has the victory asterisk before the percentage.

What the.

The asterisk indicates which you voted for. In this case, it also indicates that you are wise.


You kids and your newfangled software…

gargh now there are five fools. oh fifth fool why are you so foolish

You are the foolish one, Mr. Fool.

Also I do not know who number 5 is. But I am thankful.

Not me, I don even know what a “tow” is.

Someone better vote for the angry indians soon, or the towlauncher wins.

I’m a moron

Oh, great. Another tie.

I declare the angry indians one to be the winner, just because.

I think Towlauncher already made it to the second round.

And angry indians didn’t??

Who’s running this foolish operation???

I had my instructions, sir.

Pipian (10:39:41 PM): if the two battles tie (again, hopefully not), go with my choices, as I’m the ultimate runner
Pipian (10:40:08 PM): Which would be Barrynium (of course)
vaska (10:40:11 PM): y
Pipian (10:40:40 PM): And towlauncher
Pipian (10:40:48 PM): (n)
Pipian (10:40:52 PM): (I know, you voted for injuns)
vaska (10:40:56 PM): y
vaska (10:41:01 PM): injuns are greatness
Pipian (10:41:04 PM): But still


who should have the authority here?