Happy birthday, my lanky chum. I hope it’s full of drunken Canadians and pickups.

Here is your present:

Where did you get that pic from?

Happy B-day Tard boy now go back to the corner with the rest of teh red headed spoiled stepchildren… no one’s buying that Dye Job hair of green Gag. :wink:

Again with the MST3K pics! Tell me where!

He’s from the episode of MST3k about Rowzdower.

Rowzdower! Rowzdower! Rowzdower!

Thank you comrade. The party will be near the end of June, should get a call in a couple of days

Party? I’m there.

If you give me plane tickets.


Great cult and all but, hockey season’s startin’ eh?

Rowsdower looks like my old (Roms’ current) boss.

That is comical.

Yeah…remove 95% of the hair, and you have my boss. I should start calling him Rowsdower…he might give me free booze.