Romsus'ss' sBirthday

Happy sBirthday to Romsus who turned 22 yesterday.

Too bad we all hate him.

I called and wished him a happy birthday on his phonular machine. Did you?

Happy sBirthday Romsusssss

Give me his telephonular numeral digits, if you please.

No really, do it. I need to wish him a Happy Birthday and then bug him about making new Taylons.

Where’s my Taylon?

I would call him, but I hate him. I hate all Romulans.

Oh, and happy birthday Romsus.

I think I actually called him yesterday to tell him to bring me some pizza. He did not bring me any pizza. Had he brought me pizza he would have realized there were tivos and Arby’s and LT bobbleheads here for him as a birthday surprise. It’s a sad story really.

Oh and happy birthday.

Listen I told you Jon didn’t have a helicopter so I couldn’t make it to your home.

Happy birthday, Romsus! I worked hard to make this present for you!


i have never been so happy

Can we go double down and get 2 2s instead of 22?

oh, happy BirThday (i hope that isn’t copyrighted)

I’ll tell you something about that Roms kid: he sure is lazy.

How lazy is he?

He has nothing but free time, yet refuses to make more Taylon comics that make the masses happy!

He sure is lazy. What a

Oh happy birthday!!! I dance for you now.

You get the birthday picture!
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Hahaha what the hell

You have given me a fine gift sir.

I said this already, and it’s late, but still.