Romshand Needs A New Subforum

For the terrible “Best Taylon Panel Ever Part Two” polls I will be starting soon or the forum will be flooded.

Who agrees should say drooooooooooooo


the romshand peeps are going to have to agree with it.

I’m down.



Yeesh, there are going to be <i>that</i> many threads?

I guess a subforum is required then. A temporary one, that is…otherwise it’ll just turn into 5000000 threads saying “where is my taylon” after the contest ends.

<img alt=“Droooo” src=“”>

Well, there are going to be 64 panels (perhaps 128) meaning

32 threads in the first round, 16 in the second, then 8, then 4, then 2 then 1
64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1

Meaning 63 or 127, depending. Not an admirable goal for the number of threads in the main forum. Thus the need for a separate forum.

Sweet fancy Moses that’s a lot of voting.

And who decided which panels are entered in the contest?

Just say drooooooooooooooo and move on, Romsus.

Well, I will definately take the panels listed when I was trying to come up with some. But I think we only totalled 32 or less. I’ll pick the rest, unless you can be trusted to come up with a good portion of them.


There were 35 from the old thread. I read through and picked another 24. There are 5 more to pick. They are yours to pick.