Robots! Just like Terminator!

Seriously, Hopefully you’ve read about the mice cell that replicates indefintly that they can make coats out of (theroticly they could make flesh out of it, not just leather.) Well now comes the final nail!,12996,1403780,00.html?gusrc=rss

We’re all going to hell on the express train now baby! W00 W00!

I suppose teaching robots to love is better than teaching them to hate…

Then again, there’s probably also a sweaty AI programmer somewhere in the Pentagon, teaching a robot the finer points of anti-armor weapons.

Hahahaha, that’s hilarious. Who bought that? Raise your hands so we can deport you.

Although he admits his ideas sound fantastic, Kim is no crank

<strike>LIES!</strike> PIES!

this is ofcourse leading up to the sex-bot, or Sex Machine ™

I actully got in a major discuession about this with my friends. In fact this is going to be HUGE for the porn industry right befor it puts them out of bussiness (Whats the use of porn when you have a totaly loyal fully functional UBER HOT robot-chick to do your bidding?)

If you think about it this is actully going to lead us right into the Animatrix and then into the Matrix… Its inevitable at this point…

You… uh, you realize this is bullshit, right?

NO, the world is going to be taken over by robots and thers nothing you can say that will make me think otherwise.

Hell, they’re starting to vacuum our floors! They just need to find some saw blades and they can begin cutting our feet off!

Ah, you like it rough, I see.