Robotics for the beginning Hobbyist

Ok, so this is where to talk about robotics and related subjects. I got back into the robotics scene after I saw DJ Sures working on his revamped and retooled Omnibot I said to myself I have to at least get one or two projects like that started. So far I’ve gathers 4 servo motors, an omnibot from Tomy, I have an android tablet that I am going to about setting up as the mobile base for when I’m at some of the local conventions.

I even found a functional Roomba from iRobot, only issue it has, is the female connector for charging the Roomba. Seems there a bad break on the connector itself so I need to find a replace piece for that and then just do the repair myself, but that is to be either my next project or I may sell it to purchase more materials for the Omni-EZ I’m going to attempt to build. But EZ-Builder is going to help me out as far as programming is concerned. Knowing PSX, I remembred this and thought I might share.

Robotics Leap Forwards, Grab your Pilot’s Helemt and Get to the Tarmack.

In spectrum with Kuratas, I’d like to present, Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 AKA メタルスキンパニック MADOX-01 Metaru Sukin Panikku Madokkusu Zero Wan which is THE 1988 OVA anime released, directed and written by Shinji Aramaki . MADOX-01 was animated by Hideki Anno as well and famous for other titles as well.MADOX-01 has been licensed in the U.S. by AnimEigo owned by Robert Woodhead . The storyline revolves around a mechanic/student named Koji Kondo who incidentally comes across the Madox-01 by it dropping into his small one room apartment/garage. The MADOX-01 is a small mecha akin to a heavy industries EXO-FRAME designed to fight as a anti-ground vehicles/personnel weapon.

The Madox-00 is armed with a rifle that fires large caliber rounds, a spear in the left hand, and a grapple claw located in the pelvis. With regards to “Kuratas” instead of a tow like grapple hook, and built in chainsaw, Kuratas has a dual BB mini gun and a water powered 4 silo Missile launching pod and a face recognition software pilot interface and is also 3G WIFI compatible as well.

During the demo against remote tanks the Madox-01’s mini gun is removed and armed with a twin anti-tank rocket system and wing mounted mini missile launchers. At the end of the Madox-01 OVA is a documentary where they discuss the large array of addition weapons that were used and deployable on the MADOX-01 which came a Blackhawk Helicopter. At the demo at WonderCon you can see Kuratas’s demonstration of the weapons in action and the “Smile” function with the miniguns which was a personal favorite of mine and a water powered 4 chambered Missile launching pod.

I explained to my friends that I used to RPG with on gurps and mekton back in 1989, that within 30 yrs of our lifetime we will see mecha brought from pulp and lead to Silicon and steel, did they believe me? Nope but where are we “right now?” at that threshold is where we are now just under the 25 year anniversary of MADOX-01 and it’s thanks to Suidobashi Heavy Industries and more so to Kogoro Kurata. So where our parents and people who thought we were just a bit obsessive with dreams of piloting giant robots as a reality? Who’s laughing now?