i got this new cellphone where i could compose my own ringtones, the thing is, i know nothing and the instruction manual doesn’t help much either… anyone here know how to use it?.. it’d be a big help, thanks

heres one example of what i wanna compose…got it from anilarm.xl0.org


I think there’s actually a bunch you can find at albinoblacksheep.com if you look for them…

Thanks a bunch

and oh yeah, i just realized… my cellphone isn’t compatible with nokia ringtones… mine’s a sony ericsson… and it’s composer is different as nokia’s

ur welcome a bunch dawg.

Who let the [URL=http://www.mrtones.com/home.mt?m=8]dogs out? Woof [URL=http://www.ericssonmobilephoneclub.com/]Woof woof [URL=http://www.tunecity.co.uk/]Woof woof

You’re welcome… :smiley:

ah thanks Leon, but i’ve already been there and got got some good ringtones :smiley:

i got MAS*H


Awesome… I think that theme song is overlooked a lot.

Hey, if you have to own a cell phone (read: electronic leash, lol) then it might as well be fitting and play Flight of the Valkyries, thats what I set mine to… :wink:

I thought this thread was about the band The Ringtones…

wow… seriously? who’re they?

A one-hit wonder alternative band, if memory serves. I forgot the hit, though.

Oh wait, unless they’re an up-and-coming punk group. Either way, not that important a band, but with a pretty good name.