I’ve decided to approve and disapprove posts.

This way people who post stupid, needless posts will get a bad repuation and will be encourgaed to post better posts. Like wise, good posters shall get a good rating and will be encouraged to post more!

Let the rating being!

I hope you’ll only do this where posts aren’t supposed to be stupid.

Eureka, I did not know the existence of such a thing!

Naturally, by stupid I ment posts that make no sense, aren’t relevent to anything happening in the post, you know. Spam and such.

Stupid posts which are ment to be stupid will be approved if they break the standard of stupidity previously reached.

Leons beware!

Any one who doesn’t post well beware.

KBV makes the greatest of posts, So I will use the approve feature!

I see no repuation info in the Dark theme. I’m ok with this.

It is that little green/black/red square, I think. Next to the post count. I am told if you mouse over it it displays something.

For those of you who didn’t know is the button used to approve or disapprove posts (at least in he default skin).

putting your mouse over shows reputaion info.

who makes these ratings? PSX and Mods?

anyone can rate another person’s posts.

Everyone’s reputation is in the green…no differences anywhere, it seems.

Glances at post above, and wonders if it’d change if he started showing his vicious, malevolent side more.

Glares iclly-like at Vaska Kitty (Ok albiet its 5 months later but hey better late than nvr) :cursing:

Funny, I thought I’d get most of the flames, with my any-mood-any-attitude style.

I dunno I guess I’m one of the few feared upon members on the site.


We both are.

Very Possible. Indeed, but what happens after I retire from here?

I’ll have to carry the mantle for both of us? Steels self