Red sox win!

Not a fan of either team, but just geting it started for people that care.

you mean the <i>Blood</i> Socks!

They won it pretty quickly too, in just 4 games. I’m glad they won and not the damn yankees for the 50000000th time.

I think my city’s NFL team has replaced them as The Team That’s Usually Good But Chokes At The End…

I think Massachusetts has the ultimate sports teams. We win.

Pats > All
Sox > All
Celtics > Some
Bruins > No one’s playing, so who cares? Who cares about hockey anyways?

WTF is hockey? What the – BRUINS? Who–

You on drugs, boy.

… and yay for the Sox. Babe Ruth’s ghost can stop molesting my cat now!

Bah, this just isn’t cricket.

nor Rugby.

Nor is it <strike>bear</strike> pro wrestling.

Pro wrestlers, for all their hulking biceps, would be killed by any student of Bruce Lee in about four seconds.

But if they entered UFC they would lose.

Wait… they have and they did.

Students of bruce lee, not the main man himself.

Dude, I had a friend who said that EVERY TIME I mentionned wrestling back in 6th grade. That guy sucked.

did you stab him in the face with the scissors that never cut anything?

He’d be utter crap in UFC, he’s dead and stuff; so I doubt that he wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

Well at least he wouldn’t submit.

That is true, however; there’s no way he’d be able to strand up to the competition.