Reccomend me a new motherboard

So I have started my new job (night-time caretaker at a veterinary clinic), and plan to splurge when I start recieving paychecks.

Now… I already have my mind made up as to what sort of system I want to build… I just want some input as to what hardware I should get.

I want:

*Pentium 4 2.4ghz 800mhz bus
Reason - Best price-to-performance ratio right now. Keep in mind I don’t overclock, so please don’t reccomend the 1.8b to me.
*Dual-Channel DDR333 RAM
Reason - Again… best price-to-performance ratio.
*Motherboard that support Dual-Channel up to DDR400 (for a theoretical 800mhz bus)
Reason - I may want to upgrade to dual-channel DDR400 after a while.

Now… what I want you, the people of BFP, to reccomend to me is a good motherboard. I already have the processor in mind, plus the RAM (Kingston HyperX PC2700), so someone point me to a good motherboard, preferably one with onboard LAN, and onboard sound ONLY if its not that shitty AC’97 crap.

If I don’t get any suggestions as to a good mobo to use for this setup, I will most likely be getting the MSI 865P Neo motherboard, and just go and buy myself a network adapter (my current motherboard has onboard lan)

Anyway… reccomend away!

I’d recommend the Abit IS7-G or IS7-E based on the review I read over at [H]ard|OCP. Here’s a quote that caught my eye:

Speaking of boxes prices I checked out two of our advertisers and both of them had the ABIT IS7-E model in stock and for less than US$100. The -E model still has onboard sound, Serial ATA RAID and LAN. That is top-of-the-line flagship Intel performance for less than $100; certainly a treat for any enthusiast. Grab you one of these boards along with a Pentium 4 2.4C and you build the heart and soul of a gaming beast for less than three bills. Not bad at all.