Real Life Trot_to_Trotsky Orb Discovered!

Look what I discovered when I bought some baby bell cheeses. We’re doomed.

I knew it, the Trotsky Orb is a cheese.

Keep it on a diet of glowsticks, booze and lettuce and it should be fine.

Or just set it on fire. Whatever.

I wonder if you eat the stuff in glowsticks then you could see down your throat…

or just die slowly…


but still, this is the greatest thread ever.


Yes, Trotsky is drunk. I was drunk earlier.


He can face all sorts of directions, and have so many mouthular aperatures.

What can’t you do with cheese wax???

Bah, the greatest thread ever was General Zod and his mighty army of neo-freaks.

You can’t defeat Mr. T with it.


This thread is 101x better than that general Zod thread.

Baby cheese Trotsky Orb thread > General Zod thread .

Dragon gets a PHD in math.