[READ THIS THREAD]: Gil to be placed on suicide watch

Since none of you know what the homepage looks like, I’ll spare you the indignity.


Apparently David Poma Jr. has made a pact with robot satan and wishes to do something rash. While we can all hope his plans are to drink a fifth of Jack and then puke into a bucket, I assume he’ll be robbing a bank and dying in a hail of gunfire.


You ok, dude?

After reading that, I want to thank you for those words of unassurance and angst Gil.

Have you thought of starting some kind of new linkin park because they would make some mighty good lyrics!

My screen is full of angst. Why is my screen full of angst? I did not ask for angst. I asked for popsicles. Where are my popsicles?

Bumping this above SJX’s replies to other threads.

Because I hate him.

wait no


Who said it was about me.

Maybe its about you. Because, you know, i do hate you.


I love <strike>gilangst.com</strike> I mean romshand.com. :slight_smile: (THIS article changed my life!!!(!!!))