Re: Movie

I just got an email that contained this:

<i>Please see the attached zip file for details.

Download Attachment:</i>

What do you guys think, virus? If any of you get one of these, I’d say delete it, or at least wait untill you’re on somone else’s PC before downloading it.

Delete it without a second thought.

Delete. If it’s from someone you don’t know, then it’s not worth risking. If it is from someone you know, call them up and ask them what it is.

If the subject is “Re: movie” and you didn’t actually send that person an email with the subject “movie,” it is trickery.

I get subjects like these all the time, and I don’t send many emails out.

Heh, I say take it to hotmail have it scanned and access it thru a remote PC to see what type of B/S it is…

Leon, your signature rules.

Find Mac. Unzip on Mac. Discover delicious contents.

Even better: via telnet. (If your provider allows you to.)

Linux is also a suitable alternative.

Or: Find someone you don’t like’s PC. Unzip on PC. Laugh as virus eats them alive.

Pipian, you cliché bastard!

I deleted it soon after I made this post. I could install an OS in VMWare, but I’m lazy and I didn’t want to wait that long to find out what it was. Probably just a mild trojan and not worth sending to my enemies. Wasn’t there a variant of that bugbear virus going arround lately though?

Oh hey, another one came in, only with the subject “Re: Application”. Pip apparently got 2 of them just today, so make sure to delete them. Do NOT open them on your own computer. If you got this from somone you know, email them that their computer is infected and they need to run a virus scan program fast.

EDIT: more info on it here:

apparently it does not harm any data on the person’s PC, it just tries to spread. also, it apparently deactivates on 7/14/2003.

You, and Pipian, shouldn’t subscribe yourselves to all these porn mailinglists.

I’m not. In fact, I have never gotten any porn related spam at my email address yet

Hey, come on! I was just kidding…

Aw, just do what I do: set the junk mail filter so that only a few people you select can send you mail, and ocasionally skim through your junk mail folder to see if any familiar adresses pop up.

You did not get the Rav porn in your mailbox?

Wait, you said porn related spam, and it’s only spam if you don’t want it…