Rav/CrazyFool Dead or in a secret lab?

Where did he go? its been over a month now… I thin The B.S.S have him and are doing secret cybernetic Experiments on him on getting him his new arm.

Actually he is at home, and is working 40 or 50 hours a week I think…He hasn’t been on the pc for 10 days…:erm:…Not that I would know or anything…

Maybe he’s working so much to get that Bionic arm paid off. With today’s economy and technology instead of 6 million dollars it only costs 60,000 dollars instead. "We have the technology, we can rebuild it " :stuck_out_tongue:

Bionic arm?

Yes Bionic arm where he know works as a arm wrestling machine fo 50 quin a play. He must be raking it in …

This whole arm thing has gone a bit over board…

And this is being posted to avert the last post number :flame dev


By the way, Weasel… who’s that guy in your avatar? He reminds me of one of my teachers.

MG, you are banned untill further notice.


What just happened?

He posted a link to a very offensive website. Be glad you didn’t click on it before I did.

ah i c, Okies, Thanks then ChemBot

Well that is rare indeed. What did I miss? And Yea I guess you’re right.

Was it Goatse again?

nope, it was tubgirl. don’t search for it, it’s not something you want to see, even out of curiosity. I’m waiting for my eyeballs to explode inward, thus destroying the part of my brain that can visualize images so that I can sleep tonight. no luck so far…

ew… i blocked my friends ass for sending me that site.

oh gawd… I think I heard Gin explain awhile ago about tubgirl

so yeah anywayz where’s Rav?