Rate your ISP Thread

Post up details on your internet here and what you think of them. I’ll start.

I’m with Verizon Fios in Southern California. I have a $67.99/month plan for just internet. I pay for 20/5mbps. Luckily I’ve been grandfathered in on this plan since they don’t have it anymore. Downgrading to 15/5 would be $74.99/month. I don’t understand why it’s so expensive for just an internet pipe here. They ran all this fiber in the area to the side of the house but it’s not open. I don’t think any third parties can pay to use the fiber Verizon installed to help bring some competition to this space which would be awesome. They do offer 150mbps down for 249.99/month. I might need to upgrade to that!

Speed test: