RAM loss

hi fellas,

Something of an ignoramus when it comes to IT . . . I need to know what can cause actual physical memory loss on a PC, and a few other things.

My system:

Windows 98 (4.10 - Build 2222 A)
AMD Duron 1400
DDR 266 systemboard

I had just installed a program I had downloaded (Norton Firewall 2004) when - all of a sudden - my mouse and keyboard went DEAD. Manual reboot - no go. Another manual reboot - nothing. Took it to the shop today and was told that the port had been configured incorrectly and that Norton Firewall was too much for my system, (sounded like BS, the “technicians” down here are a REAL joke - even I can tell) anyway, I brought it back home, turned her on - a happy camper - and then . . . . my memory manager reported 228 MB of RAM. I ran the maintenance tools, rebooted, etc. and . . . yup, still 228. Looks like I just somehow lost 12 MB of actual physical memory . . . is there any way I can get it back? What happened? How can I prevent this from happening again?

I apologize for my obvious ignorance and thank everyone in advance . . .

. . . help . . .

12 Megs just all of a sudden goes missing?
1st Question: What was teh reading of the memory before you took it in to this shop?

2nd Question: Why did you choose Norton’s when Zonealarm is just as good as Norton’s plus it’s free.

IMO I if you had all your memory before you left the house to teh shop and now all of a sudden you bring it home and find 12 Megs missing? I’d be back at the shop with a WTF did you do to the system that I lost 12 megs that was there before I walked into your shopand now am Minus 12 megs… Just my Opinion.
Have you reseated the memory yet?

If your motherboard has onboard video, the techs may have increased the frame buffer (the amount of RAM the onboard video uses) for some odd reason. Check the frame buffer size in the BIOS to see if it’s higher than 16 MB. Also, like Leon said, reseat your memory stick, or try putting it in another memory slot. If all else fails, call the shop and ask for the manager. Then make sure to inform him that you are displeased with your service and you want it fixed pronto.

Also, what shop are you taking it to? I’m a computer technitian myself by the way.


1st question: My reading was 240 MB.

2nd question: I’ll admit it - I didn’t know zonealarm existed.

Have not reset the memory, don’t know how to do it. Sounds like a great idea though. Real leery of having anyone down here do it.


Placing the memory stick in another memory slot also sounds like a great idea, going to look into having someone (not the folks I got it back from) do it for me. Sounds like something they can handle. I would try it, but I simply would not know what to do. I am a linguist, a law student (between semesters at the moment - no time) own a small translation agency, and do not have the time to take a few online courses or something. Think I will somehow make time in the near future though.

As far as the frame buffer possibility, I doubt they did anything that complex. These guys are more like car mechanics, they go for replacing parts and components as opposed to getting into the software. All they did was replace my mouse and keyboard. They would have charged more if they had done anything like that.
I am in Colombia, South America. The techs are just a joke, by anyone’s standards. Sad thing is, they are all there is.

Thank you both for your help.



N/P But if you get the chance make it to the states as fast as you can.
Too bad you can’t get Tech Tv that would help out a byte too. They
always have kool ideas and helpful tips. Try www.techtv.com