RAM Help Needed

Hey I’ve just been told by Gateway that a 512mb stick of RAM is going to cost me $239.00, doesn’t this seem a bit pricey? I’ve done some searching and my motherboard is pretty much stuck with that type of RAM, I just thought it was expensive. Any thoughts?

MEM DDR 512MB PC266B 32X8 R0

(Yorktown Motherboard & P4-478 2.4GHZ NW Processor)

Hmm… Gateway motherboards might require a special kind of RAM, forcing you to buy their hardware for upgrades. You should probably research the type of RAM they use and whether they use a Gateway made motherboard or just an OEM Intel brand.

I’m pretty sure I need this RAM type, but doesnt $240 seem like a lot of money?

Shop around and see if you can find a better price.

the type of RAM listed in your first post is pretty common. You just need PC2100 DDR-SDRAM that has 8 32MB chips on it. I’d say go buy some generic PC2100 at your local comuter store, and if it doesn’t work, just return it.

And don’t tell them you fitted it, they don’t like that.

pricewatch.com see if they carry it wholesale… :erm: