Question about mobile phones

My brother is wanting me to get him an iPhone when I’m on holiday, does anyone know if I buy one in the US if it’ll be able to work okay in the UK or not (Maybe by switching SIM card)?

We don’t have many details on the iPhone at this point. In theory it should work, but it’s possible either Apple or the phone companies decided carrying your phone between zones is bad news and have prevented that. Also, I’ve heard it rumored that since Europe has a more developed 3G system, their iPhones will come with that capability, so you might want to get a European version anyway.


I’ll tell him that he’ll be better waiting, I guess it wont be long till they release it here too.

I think we have different standards in the states too. While most of the world uses GSM, we use CDMA for carrier signals. So you’ll probably have to wait for it to be available with GSM in Europe.

Thats kind of a lame response, a little more research might help settle that, but I see that being an issue as well.

iPhone is GSM-only. It uses all the most used bands worldwide, so in theory it works anywhere GSM is used, but $499 or $599 is a lot to spend to test a theory.

Do you know if I went to an apple store if they would be more interested in selling me the product or telling me the facts if I told them I was wanting to buy a iPhone?

Not that it matters too much, you are probally right about just waiting since at least then it can be returned if any problems arise.