Put down your weapons! The war's over!

No, not that one. The other one, the really bit one, the one that ended it all. That’s right, it’s Armistice Day! Everyone loves Armistice Day!


Technically it’s before Christmas!

Today it’s Rememberance Day in Canadialand. We remember the people who died to further other countries’ selfish agendas. And plot. And plot.

Technically it’s Veterans’ Day, where we remember the people who didn’t die in protecting <strike>all the loans and goods we gave England</strike> freedom.
I just like Armistice Day better.

That hasn’t been a holiday since 1954…


I’ve been calling it Armisitce Day for years, simply because this day doesn’t belong to us in the least.

Veterans day is a cheap blow to all the men who died in, perhaps, the worst war in history. Why can’t Veteran’s day be in, shit, February or something?


Today was just another worky day for me. I worked 10.21 hours today and I’ll probably work another 10.16 hours tomorrow. I curse those who get holidays off!

I get every day off.

I get off every day.

I off every get day.

Sometimes every other get day…

Every day gets me off.

Woah! Just got off again.

My life is pathetic

The day dedicated to remembering the fallen heroes of our nation is May 30, as far as I remember.

Exactly…so why make Veterans day something apart from the rest of the world? Just keep it Armistice day, and history fags like myself will remain fat and content.

Except you don’t eat Arby’s. FAILURE.


Some of us eat Arby’s as often as possible for a healthy and strong bones…

I dont have arby’s in my country. evil.

Also, it’s common knowledge that your country is entirely peopled with criminals. Strike two, I daresay.

Something’s not quite right…

You’ll have to get somone to ship Arby’s to you overnight express in a thermos or something…