Psx-Dude I have a question!

Why can I never connect to these days? :frowning:

You connected to it to post this message? So, never isn’t the right word. It’s more like seldom, rarely, or "did he pay his hosting bill on time or what?’

Well yeah, I just was trying to connect to post a thread for a the last few days and thought maybe had shut down.

Pip and I moved to a new server, we’re having problems with too many people connecting and causing the server to break. We’re trying to find another server and move.

Aw man, I hope when you find a good server it goes more smoothly for you!

If only I made bank, I could get a nice dedicated server and everything would run nice.

You just need an OC-3 connection and a redundant server cluster. What’s so expensive about that?

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