Profile Pictures

Who else has uploaded a profile picture? (it’s on the avatar page)

I have.

I have, but it’s not my picture.

i don’t see one, all i see is your avatar.

There’s no jingle jail next to my avatar? I can see it.

Edit: While we’re on the subject of not being able to see pictures, I cannot see yours.

I have one. It is better than all other pictures ever (with one exception).
Also: it is a truth that I cannot see either of yours.

It is true that I cannot see Vaskas.

aight, it should work now.

The quick reply box now has a flower in it. How cool is that?

I see no flower. Gaaah Safari, I thought you were from Apple, where is the flowery goodness?

It is in HeyThisPlaceDoesNotWorkWithKHTMLAndThatIsWhyGeckoisSuperior-land


yeah I see it too.

My profile pic is too big… too lazy to fix it up.

I also have a profile picture now!

It’s only visible in the default style.

I tried that. Not only was it exactly the same as the style I already had, there was no flower.

Then perhaps you should try using a non-Mac computing machine.

Maybe you should consider being silent and also not speaking!
Foolish Happy Ugly.

I would put a picture up, but I can’t be bothered.

I am using ]H[ard style and it is visable in the text box, But Romsus last responce was the funniest thing I have seen all day.

It should be visible with any browser that supports the CSS stardard.