Principal Detritus has put mood-altering pharmaceuticals in the water supply again

I’ve found this game, like the sims only with bad graphics, less maintenance, about high school, and free online.

At the Inferno of Excellence High School, the students are:

Insidious Joe
Jezebel O’toole
The Thessalian
V. Victor Vermis
Abbadon the Despoiler
Hypatia the Alexandrian
Ego id.

They are all unwittingly ruled by the invisible, quasi-omnipotent Principal Detritus. I dictate when they study and when they paint, when they play B-ball and when they wander the halls and gossip (actually, they do that all the time. Lazy little fuckers. I’ve got a school to run).

You must try this.

Give your charges random crushes on their peers (I’m pretty sure that
there’s no man-love and no hot lesbian action, unfortunately).

But it does capture the feeling of being a scriptwriter for a particularly sadistic high school soap, only without doing any work. Emotionally abuse 8 fictional teens today!

Oh man, I’ll so be over this tomorrow when I’m bored with homework…

Historical Figures will have adolescent clashes for maximum results.

Miracles do happen! Adolph Gruber (a girl) has a crush on Caledonia Tornado (I suck with names). Victory!

The Nintendo-esque music is sucking me in gradually.