Popups upon opening IE

Ok, recently, I’ve been having a problem where I get a popup as soon as I open Internet Explorer, but it doesn’t happen every time. In fact, it seems to happen whenever I’m not using the computer, so I can’t check the Task Manager to see what’s running. I’ve done both a virus and an Adaware scan, with nothing found. I reinstalled I.E. I’m thinking of getting another program like adaware, because I know that it doesn’t find everything. I have also search through all of my hard-drive looking for folders/files that I don’t recognize (note: I leave hidden files hidden, so that I don’t delete any important stuff). I even went through my registry and got rid of all the crap that either isn’t on my system any more, or, as I said, I don’t recognize. Please, help.

Do you, perchance, have a “program” named Xupiter now?

No, and I would know, because I already had to deal with Xupiter once.

The best thing to do would be to use an alternative browser, with less security bugs (“features” as MS seems to call them) like Mozilla Firebird (<a href=“http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firebird/”>Link</a>). But if you don’t want to make that big step I suggest you try a different Spybot searcher, I use Spybot Search and Destroy (it’s supposed to be better) which you can get <a href=“http://security.kolla.de/”>here</a>.

Also, what is your start page? that may be the culprit.

Yes, check your start page and make sure it doesn’t say something like http://(ad page).com/?www.yourstartpage.com

lop.com does this, and they’re famous for putting things like giant toolbars on your IE even though you didn’t install them.

Ok, I used S & D, and found tons of stuff, however, how do I know what is safe to delete?

That didn’t work.

Then there is only one more possible solution.

Well, two, if you haven’t installed Mozilla yet.


I refuse to format this PC just because of popups. So, I got Mozilla. It works.

Most excellent.

Or get Zonealarm and use it’s pop-up blocker…

Or just use Mozilla, which blocks all popups unless you allow popups from a list of websites that you define.

I like the way this man thinks!