Poll Thread For Yous

How Much Cock Has The Emperor Sucked This Week?

[SIZE=7]HINT: Number 5 is the correct answer!!![/SIZE]

Foolish Big Ugly, you have the Emperor confused with your precious president of your United Not-Empires of America again. And the Emperor just ate the president’s face, so even the president won’t be enjoying many cocks in the near future, which is all you foolish Big Uglies ever think about anyway.

KBV speaks truth. You clearly have the Emperor (lowers eye turrets) confused with someone else, most likely yourself.

The Emperor does not deserve your respect.

He only deserves [SIZE=7]MORE HOT COCK![/SIZE]

I will cut you.

If he desired hot cock, he would deserve as much hot cock as he wanted. But unlike you, my damp, diseased, primitive friend, he does not desire hot cocks.


Another Vote For #5.

Another Vote For Victory!