Playstation 2 Games

I seem to have a lot of free time now and haven’t touched my PS2 in a while. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any PS2 games to keep my interest.

I would suggest Kingdom Hearts if you haven’t already.

i’m not the biggest fan of rpgs.

It’s actually less RPG and more action adventure.

With a large helping of androgenous protagonist faggotry, which seems to have been Square’s forte for the past 7 years or so.

Smee’s right, but I find the game is rather enjoyable as long as you don’t let the character’s piss you off.

I’ve actually never played the game. To be honest the whole square/disney merge really turned me off. A lot of people say its a great game though. Then again a lot of people say FFX-2 is a great game.

FFX-2 is a great game.

Well, Square has a history of doing this a lot actually.
The first Breath Of Fire was made by them and also Capcom, and now they’re doing this Enix thing. I guess it’s just something you gotta get over.

waiting for gt4, for some reason, i usually buy these games and don’t play them, they’re fun but it’s cooler to go fast. Maybe i should get wipeout fusion, that game was fast…

I recommend any Armored Core game for PS2. Though the only one I’ve played for it is AC 2, I havent played the expansion for 2 or AC 3, but Im guessing those are just as good only better. In the third one I hear you can discard your useless weapons once ammo is depleted and pick up another. That lone made me interested in 3. There also is a first person AC called Silent Line.

I also recommend Devil May Cry. Just avoid the second one and get the first for under 20$.

apparently the virtua fighter remake is pretty cool for the ps2, and it’s supposed to be cheap. I may try DMC.

I was hoping for some online gaming.

Not sure about online PS2 gaming. I don’t pay attention to that scene, I leave online games to my computer.

There’s always SOCOM 2, which is a fast-paced online game for PS2