PHP Question that has nothing to do with

'Kay, so my friend asked me to put some stupid random image generator .php file on my ftp so he could have a random image sig for whatever reason, and basically, it won’t grab images from outside of the ftp… Like, I could put all the images on my site and it’d work fine (tested it), but I can’t link to an outside site’s folder… So is there any way to do that? Like, if I wanted to have a sig that would grab images from, as opposed to /home/lame/public_html/images/ or whatever nonsense.


You could write a php/mysql script that had the image locations in a database and randomly pick out one of the entries. might be useful if you don’t know php/mysql. It uses a file.

Okay, that worked, but my friend couldn’t use it as a forum sig… I just went ahead and put his stupid banners on my site and used the other random image thing. WEWT.