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Just a place about off beat pc / mac type products and how to stuff.
Like Your own CUSTOM MADE CASES and we mean “custom” made. Enjoy :all:

Too bad it’s in Japanese.

I’m already talking with someone on a possible translated site of it.

Uh… Do we care? In any case, I could make a custom case if I really wanted, so why does it matter?

Well if you don’t like it don’t post a reply. Simple huh?

this is a forum leon, people are free to respond if they like an idea or not, that’s the whole point of a forum.

Exactly. In any case, I could easily find a whole lisdt of custom cases people have made but don’t sell, so custom cases are by far not uncommon.

Of this type of nature?Where it is considered not only Hardware but a Artform, @ that same point and time. You say you can find groups of poeple that do this stuff on a constant basis? shakes head …Oh and Chris, you are correct and I think I respnded in kind to what pipian said as my opinion was based on that post which I found to be quite uneccasary and unwarrented for the "

" remarks. Maybe I am being overly sensitive maybe not but zelous for that site is well aimed The Resident Evil Case was done quite and is indeed IMO worthy of posting as a thread for the nature it holds.

Oh? I shall show you the pages upon pages of case mods that are “artforms”:

NES Computer
Spherical Computer
Here’s Another One
Toaster Box
A Shark
Inside a TV
An interesting clear design
Yet another
Wooden case
MAME Cabinet

Perhaps the most artistic of these in YOUR sense would be the third one. The rest of them are artistic in their own way, very much so. I’d rather have a smaller computer that was futuristically designed than one that was huge and looked like a person any day.

The last two are the same. The toaster idea is awesome, I’m surprised with the quality that they were able to achieve.

I was disapointed in the Shark.

My black/silver case with nothing looks better than the shark one.

i like the toaster one, that’d be cool to take to a lan party. Carrying one of those model ones would be kinda crappy leon, i can just imagine…
“hey, what’s up?”
sees computer girl
“uhhh… this is a lan party, not bring your blow up doll party.”
but that’s just me. it’s also rather perverted where you plug in the keyboard and all that…

/me Falls off chair in a Guffaw. :bouncing1 :bouncing2 That was “actually” funny.