Past members

Have invites to The Forum’s old Database been sent out Chris?

Any users going to the old domain should be redirected here. I’m hesitant to approach them but maybe a notification is in order.

Heh send one to Squall maybe we can stir up some “action team now” type of trouble like the old days this time with Fortified Fiber (Nopt the opitical kind either) !

Wow, I just took a peek at the Trotsky Forum and have to say it reeks over there its so dead a bodybag couldn’t handle the stench. Did they all just fade into history of something Chris?

Wow, seriously chris, I’d send invites out. Maybe even hand out an invite to the coolsurfin crew as well.

You should give mid level admin right Chris and I could just help patrol the boards for you every once and awhile.

So even CrazyFool has gone off to the distance. When was the last peron excluding yourself and I logged on and activelly posting?

I died, tt’s very sad.

Being dead I can’t post.



Welcome back crazy-fool! I guess the incantation to bring forum members back from the dead worked! So hello Zombie crazy-fool!

Hurry someone call Norman Reedus we’s got us some Zubees to git !

Bumping the coffin wake the dead !

Meow, is this thing on? Meow ?