Pasadena, Ca, Usa Lan End Of July

Mark your calendars
California’s premier LAN gaming event, LANfest2k5, will officially take place on July 30-31 at the Pasadena Conference Center.

The recently renovated Pasadena Conference Center is situated just down the street from Old Town Pasadena and across the street from Paseo Colorado, each offering a wide selection of restaurants and stores.

LANfest2k5 will be held in the 47,000 square foot conference building and will feature a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) area, sponsor booths, lounge area and most importantly, a tournament room.

Featuring officiated Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty tournaments with prizes totaling more than $70,000 and a 400-seat BYOC Area designed for casual and competitive play, LANfest2K5 is THE summer destination for PC gamers of all skill levels. Registration is a MUST and will begin soon!


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Now thats a lot of prize money!

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Chembot will be there, or be a square.

So do for the tournements do you need like groups or something to enter or are they a free for all tournament too?

depends on the game. like the battlefield tournament last year was team based, but the unreal tournament tournament was free for all.