Party Politics

I was watching c-span (in all it’s boring horror) and noticed that they always take time out to bash the other party.

by some democrat:
blah blah blah the other guys have a majority, so we’re just here to yell at them blah blah

anyways, i hate having parties in the political system, they don’t let the people who run our government do their job, which is to give a voice to those people they represent. It’s also bad because people see the opposite party as the bad guy, even when they’re fighting for the same damn thing, and people vote with their party affiliation without even looking at the issues that a candidate wants to address. This has to change, but i doubt it will. Thoughts? Opinions?

the only way the party system will go away is if humans evolve to the point where a utopian society of enlightened individuals can exist, or we become dominated by a totalitarian government that crushes anyone who disagrees with it. I’ll let you figure out which one is more likely to happen.

Star Trek’s got a utopian society. Star Trek must be right.

Star Trek also has spock, we must find spock.

Star Trek also has the Borg.

Philosophical Discussion: The City on the Edge of Forever offers fans a remarkable debate…what was the galaxy like, with Nazi Earth and its totalitarian, racist fanatics bent on universal conquest rampaging through the cosmos? Was it even worse than the Borg?

I just figured something out:

Star Trek = Republican

Star Wars = Democrat


Spaceballs = Communist/Libertarian/Apathetic/Third Party

More than two parties would be better, as there would be increased alternate voices in the government, especially against certain bipartisan agreements (see Copyright law and the computer affiliation in general being marginalized).

The problem, as I believe Vaska told me one time: A three party system is inherently unstable (according to game theory). In essence you could have 2000 all over again:

A person who is heavily hated gets 34 percent of the vote. But the people who both would rank that person 3rd split the vote 33% and 33%, and thus the person who is hated by 66% of the population is elected. In essence you get the California Recall syndrome.

There are of course, two caveats:

  1. This assumes an extreme case.
  2. A runoff election (in my opinion) fixes the inherent instability, because you get a chance to have the naysayers switch sides. The only problem is that this is inherently too expensive, even if it’s marginally better.

Meh, I would have voted Gore if I could have. I really hope he makes a surprise return. It would make sense, because his absence keeps the press and everyone else from caring/knowing what his platform is going to be in time for Bush-san to find counter-platforms.

Not to mention he’s improved his charisma a lot. Last I saw him, he was hosting SNL. That leaves a fond memory to the voting public for his grand return.

But if he doesn’t show up, the democrats are screwed. They have zero likeable candidates, and they are in-fighting more than ever.