Our apologies, sir author!

I have redefined the word travesty.


It is PNG, so Pipian will not see it. That will teach him to stray from Microsoft.

Oh wait, seeing it is a b

since it is a link to a website that displays PNGs, it works properly in Mozilla (which I also use). if it was a link to just the PNG image, it would not work.

Mozarilla is foolish.

You are foolish.

Also it is not better than No Lyatz. It is clearly worse as the text boxes stay in place and they do nothing but talk. I mean… How can you compare with the greatness of rave

Sprite is a clear pop.

Mmmm, invisible soda.

Mmm, Crystal Pepsi…
hey wait a minu


Im trying to figure out wut you ripped that Kirel sprite from. I was thinking Contra but no…

I was thinking Contra but yes.

oh… well then

Romsus, help me. I have reached a point in my latest comic where Kirel confronts Leon. I was thinking about having Kirel shoot Leon, but that’s not very funny. What should I do?

Have Kirel say “Hi.”

Then have Kirel walk away.


Suddenly I fly solo.

Oh, oh, I’ve got it!!

Have LMM say, “Hi.”

Then, have Kirel say, “GOODBYE,” and then have him walk away!!!



We should have a Taylon release party.

Then when we all got back from the Taylon release party, I could be like:

Whatever, The release party was ok, and Yea, I appeared as Talyon… and? This thread has no REAL purpose IMO…

And then we’d all have a corking good laugh!

Let’s have a D2 party instead. I will have it next week and then I can harass you while you try to enjoy yourselves by quoting Taylon and T3 relentlessly.

Oh yeah I like that diablo 2 game but its different than that diablow one game where the guy had that sword and he was like raaaaaaaaah sword clang music

i dont know

I want to play the Diablo one for story purposes. I am mindlessly obsessive that way.

No one knows who Aaron Ziegler i

Ratburn and I are growing increasingly bored of Diablo 2. We need more people we know to play with. We are at the point where all we can do is play Nightmare cows, because we keep getting owned by all those physical immune lightning enchanted bastards in Hell mode.

I’d help you out but I have no Hell character yet.

I am pathetic.