So I notice that the one day of the month that I didn’t spend refreshing this forum incessantly was Trot’s birthday. As a result, everyone else was too shocked by my absence from the internet to make him a birthday thread. Well, I will rectify this right now, NANCY!

Hey trot, HAPP! I hope you spent a good b-ball-day with your g(ar)f(ield) and didn’t let you IR<strike>S</strike>L troubles get to you or anything. Everyone, let’s post belated birthday wishes!!!

Happy post-birthday, Tolstoy!

Edit: that originally said “after-birthday”, but then I realized that sounds revolting

Happy after-birthday Trot_to_Trotsky whoever you are

He is now eleventy-one. You are old Trot to Trotsky! Old!

Happy two day’s after birthday Mr Old_To_Oldsky!

<STRIKE>More like Fat_to_Gaysky, am i rite?</STRIKE>

Happy Birthday, Trotsky!

One birthday picture, coming up…
<p><img src=“http://isometric.yurusan.com/_/two_views_of_mount_fuji/3.gif”>

edit: thanks guys