OpenVMS Technical Update Days 2011

Tomorrow and the day after, on thursday and friday (local time), I’ll be attending the [B]OpenVMS Technical Update Days[/B] 2011 in Nieuwegein. It’s a big event, usually with a large turnout and lots of presentations. On the second day, the actual programmers from the OpenVMS Engineering department will be presenting what they’ve been doing (or were supposed to be doing), along with answering some questions (hopefully). I’m very interested, it’s my first time. I’ve only attended several UG/SIG meetings before, no TUD yet.


Is anyone here on the forum going as well?

Met some people there, whom I had previously only spoken with via e-mail and the usenet (i.e. [FONT=“Courier New”]comp.os.vms[/FONT]), so that was nice. For the rest I have to say, in all honesty: I like the regular UG/SIG meetings better, this was a bit more hectic and crowded. Most of the information, especially with regard to the IPF (Itanium Processor Family), wasn’t new… to put it gently.