Oooh Clubs

I was at a club, dancing with some women, some nice looking goth ones. Then I thought to myself, how would I even hook up with any of these women? The music is so loud I can barely hear anything, would I talk or just dance? I just danced, I don’t know how to meet women at clubs. Any suggestions?


learn sign language

take some flash cards with you that say stuff like “wanna go outside?” or “can I have your phone number?”

give them your business card

stalk them when they leave

KBV’s suggestion

turn into a vampire (goth girls would come to you)

Obtain the largest 30-sided die you can find and show it off.

they make 30 sided dies? wouldn’t that almost be a sphere?

Not as much as 100 sided dice!

I prefer my 3-sided die

You can talk to them outside the club.

Sweet fuck it’s the sexiest brit ever.

I came for you and your bank details.