One kidney man

parody thread lawls

Seriously though, they’re taking my kidney out next month since the previous operation was apparently a failure.

This has been another chapter in the wild and wacky life of Romsus M. Romsatrola!!!

So are you getting another one Mr M. Romsatrola?

Nope. They’re just leaving me with my one good kidney, which is fine because the bad one never really worked anyway.

Oh well better one than dead or something like that!!!

With my luck they’ll accidentally take out the good one.

That’s what you get for consuming Blast-o-Butter.

But the tons of Arby’s I consume should have canceled the effects of Blast-O-Butter…

Modern medicine is amazing!

pix pls
u r HOT!!1

Be sure to consume at least a bag of sugar a day, thus giving yourself diabetes and making your last remaining kidney work just that much harder.

make sure you save the kidney getting removed in a jar, keep it on the fridge, and everyday tell the kidney, “bad kidney”.

Then sell it on eBay.

I would buy Romsus’s kidney and it sure wouldn’t not be not used for voodoo that’s not for not sure, no way!

Actually they took out your bad kidney already. What happened is that the doctor licked it on a dare, and it was delicious. They cooked it and had a feast. Now they are addicted. They want the other one. They want more Romskidney.

Oh God it all makes sense now! Then I will have to get a transplant which they will later take out and feast upon!!

So… will there be like a big hole where your kidney would have been after they remove it? Or are they going to stuff it with something?


so clearly they will give him an operation that involves beans. kidney beans.

They aren’t putting anything in there but the space will probably soon be filled with terrible hospital food (perhaps kidney beans).

The organ will be replaced with a device that looks like a cow and moos when shaken.

They should put in an extra liver, because 2 is more than 1.