One hand man

I had corrective surgery. Now i can only type with one hand. Fuck you all.

Oh, and vasquez, I WILL be getting city of heroes, so get it.


Is that a permanent thing? If so sorry to hear that sucks man. :frowning:

Still If it is maybe you should look into getting a Dvorak Keyboard or some other kind of keyboard thats made for one handed typing.

Doctor: There, your hand has been corrected by this corrective surgery.
Oblivion: Doc, I can’t move it!

Did they have to transplant your hand with the hand of a serial killer and now it’s going to kill the people that wronged him in his previous life because that’s what happens because hands have brains???

Good thing he did not get a penis transplant.

Worse. They transplanted his hand with the hand of a 50’s New York gangster and it refuses to stop snapping.

Actually I just have a huge-ass cast while it heals. Oh, and constant burning pain.

That doesn’t sound very good. Maybe you should call a doctor and look into some sort of corrective surgery.

Or you should call into me and look into some sort of shotgun blast to the hand.

Guns don’t work on Canadians because we disbelieve them and we have such high faith and luck bonuses that you’d need at least a +5 to persuasion to roll against the gun disappearing.

A comma what’s a comma am i rite?


oh sorry about your loss :frowning:

I haven’t posted in this thread yet.