OMG I have a front page

[url=“”]it’s not possible!

Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

i should read what i saw before i post it. well oh.

What’s the goal of the site, if more than just the forums (recalls conversations involving online radio)?

well, i still need to write up a legal agreement to get bands for music between shows. and i need to get people to host shows…

And is that intended to be tied into the website, then?

of course, i just need to make a website for radio and work on a script to show if a dj is live or not. the address will probably be something like

Is radio the Purpose, or just an aspect of a larger goal? If the latter, I’m curious as to what the larger, is.

It’s just another one of his plans to try to take over the world!


Gazes at ChemBot, silently.

…does he know??

I think Chembot is in on this notorious scheme. :mad:

Also, are you going to host any of the shows yourself Psx/Do you have any people at all that are willing to host any of the shows lined up?

i was going to have a talk show with one of my friends, which may be difficult since he’s in riverside and i’m in thousand oaks.

larger scheme? maybe, not yet though.

Could always use iParty as a Application to do a Live stream or Maybe icecast 2.0 ? fool

I meant for Streaming Live broadcasting as you talk to somone… not just a mp3 stream…

I think I’ll be content as long as I get A job in the college radio station where I go. If I go to MIT, all the better.

Assuming I could get a freakin’ mic, I’d ask to host a PSX-Radio version of Coast to Coast AM, “Otherwhere.”

Chris/psx we should get on Google and discuss this when you and I are off hours yes?

Did you ever get that Mic Squall?