Omega Doom

1995 Rutger Hauer, Kinda of a cheesy movie but indeed very kool cyberpunkish type movie with good subtle philosophies and subtle msgs.

Why do they put food additives in every movie nowadays?

just looks and stares Whaaaa?

Msg :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do I even bother…

Leon, MSG = Monosodium Glutimate

A common food additive, used to be in most chinese/oriental food, and is still present in many chips and snack foods, such as Cheetos.

and I can find this concoction (sp?) inside of the movie Omega Doom?

“Remember, Space Ghost put the SG in MSG…”

Why can’t it just stay on topic… even if its just for a lil while at least it would still be on topic…


I have killed the thread.

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Actually there is someone at Polycount who is doing a very close resembalnce to the woman that played oppsite Rueger.

Most people like Rutger Hauer beacuse of Blade Runner. I like him for making Blind Fury, the movie about a blind Ninja.

Thats funny, because in this movie he plays a ninja skilled Andriod.