Ok SO According to what CS says

[SIZE=2]ITS CHRIS’S BIRTHDAY !!![/SIZE] and [SIZE=5][COLOR=Yellow]He’s “19” !!! [/COLOR] [/SIZE] YAY !!! [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=7]Happy 19th Birthday !!![/SIZE][/COLOR]

Hope you get a Plushie…

sings Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday to you…it’s your birthday…from me and the crew…cause you’re really an old fart now…cause you’re 19 years old…stops singing :bouncing2 :bouncing1

I’m So Cheesy !

happy birthday

Happy Birthday, :bouncing2

Happy Birthday. Too bad its 2 more years before you can drink legally.

Happy Birthday,
Now if you lived in Canada you could drink legally…

thanks everyone

Happy Birthday to PSX. And hello to Midd-Knight, who I’ve never seen before.

someone called me and left a message on my answering machine, they were singing something and all i was able to decifer was “happy birthday christopher easton”

I’ll send you a delivery stripper.

She delivers fun.

I say send him a Life Size SPAWN Figure

nah, i’d rather have the stripper :slight_smile:

Life sized stripper dressed as Spawn?

You could go to Canada and get all fucked up.

Then again, you don’t live anywhere near Canada…so, um…go to Mexico and get all fucked up…

Besides, if he approached Canada at this time of year, he’d instantly become frozen in Carbonite.

It’s actually warm up here,…as long as you wear a coat…