Ohno Something Awful is down

Quick invite every single goon here and lets turn it into FYAD 2.

Here is a poor imitation of the GBS experience to tide everyone over:

Hurry up radium (I seriously hope that guy is okay):frowning:

get out



I need my SA to live ;(

oh no I am no longer al

who are you get out

this thread is missing gross pictures so here is a CHATLOG that i’m sure everyone here will love:

Oblivington: http://data.4chan.org/d/src/1125621634762.jpg
Oblivington: if you look close you will see a surprise!


You need to copy and paste that URL


He’s fine, he posted a thread saying he’s fine. I just imagine the server lost power, or something. I’m surprised it took this long.

Ah phew, go team barry or something.

The server didn’t lose power, the host turned it off to open up the lines for more important things.

… or something.

Well I know a couple of days ago he was in the process of backing up all the posts, maybe he finished that and is in the proccess of moving the server or something.

More important than SA?

I think some goon justice is in order!!!

Looks like the site is back up with one hell of an update from Zack Parsons proving yet again that he’s the most talented writer on the site, no forums as of yet though.