Oh no

Birthday? Foolishness! Romsus is currently engaged in folly.

Happy birthday, superior sir.

He’s 21.

Lucky bastard.

Happy happy’s old chum.

Thank you sirs.

Now I will do what I do on every birthday: slep. GLORIOUS SLEP.

Glorious slep is not glorious D2.

I will be along in a half hour or so.


I want D2 as well. I will go do this.

EDIT: Also, happy 34 years until the reaper swoops down day!


So I’m going to die at 55?

That’s much later than my previous expectation of 22.

My God, how are you not vomitting up gallons of alcohol right now??


Also: what’d you get?

Oops, did I say years? I meant hours.