Oh Isabel, how I yearn for your tender touch

You American infidels are suffering the wrath of Allah for the injustices done to the Muslim faith in Iraq.

That or you’re having real shitty weather.

Haha, you’re having shitty weather.

I am unaffected.

I feel joy.

I am also unaffected, and also get to say this: “Stand back, there’s a Hurricane coming through!”

Dear East Coast,

Sucks to be you.


I’m unaffecte- wait, I’m going to Maine tomorrow. I’m flying straight through the storm.


I am unaffected. Except we had a nice storm that rained almost as badly as Isabel would have. I’m sure we got a good two to three inches in about an hour.

There’s no way I would get onto any plane flying anywhere near the East Coast right now.

Also: take that East Coast.

Washington’s just as bad. It goes off and on annoyingly with huge rain, then blinding sunlight. I wish we had a storm…

We got… a couple inches of rain. We’re still in a drought.
A droft!

Actually, looking back, the East Coast got off easy. Isabel was a 160 mph Level 5 monster earlier on its track, and it fell all the way to level 1.

So God decided not to destroy Washington this year.

But he’s still keeping pace by giving the gays the AIDS.


The doctor is in posted this in the Romshand forums:


“The majority are female.” Since the majority of new cases are female, and there theoretically must be some non-gay males giving each of these females AIDS, it is looking like God is giving gay cancer to non-gays far more often than gays these days.

It’s people’s own damn fault for not being able to control themselves, same with drunk driving. Never understood people who demand freedom of choice, then blame the one who gave it for doing something so foolish.

I seriously doubt anyone is blaming the government for letting them have sex after they got AIDS.


(god hates gays)

There are places where governments don’t exist, Jaxian. Who gives them free will? (Answer is obvious, many will roll their eyes because of it, just say the magic words ‘As you believe, Squall, but I’m an independent for now’ and everything will be peaceful).

Less than you do, Trot, that much I know.

Oh, you were speaking of God? I’m not sure there are many people demanding freedom of choice from God, as your previous statement implied. Though perhaps you meant demanding freedom of choice from governments and then blaming God.

I never speak of God, only of true scientific facts.

Like scientists sticking their heads in the sand, Rav, when the miracles that are seen (even in cynical America, on occaision) come headlong against their intellectual applecarts? There’s a scientific fact.

How can you demand freedom of choice from a government that’s not there? Enlighten me, again.