Oh, I was cured all right!



Oh yeah, this is a good thing all right.

Oh yeah, I’m sure such treatment doesn’t incur a bloodthirsty need for revenge on all who go there… I’d be worried about a former student walking in the door with Uzis one day and gunning everyone down if I worked there.

So much hate. Why did we fight Hitler? He could have been useful against this guy.

I’m 90% certain that this does create empty, placid, socially acceptable individuals.

I am also certain they are incapable of sex and prone to violent nightmares, an become wolverine-like killers under the effects of hypnosis/alcohol.

Either that or it produces capable liars. Either way, society wins!

Oh wait.

You should be born a capable liar, not turned into one. I mean, I’m one, and even I realize that more of me = trouble.

Reinforcement, my friend. Reinforcement. In certain cases they get rewarded for lying effectively.

I know, I’m just saying it’s a bad thing. That’s like raising everyone to be a blackbelt in martial arts.


Or it’s like handing everyone a gun.

Oh wait.

Hurray for Jamaica and the Bob and George forums!

Tranquility Bay is one of 11 facilities affiliated to an organisation in Utah

Why, Utah?


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I am surprised no one has mentionned how horrible a comic Taylon is yet.

Taylon is a horribly horrible comic.

I think we all know exactly why.

Also, Blivvy, now I suppose you see how caring and not bastardly even Digi and his ilk seem when compared with real jackasses.

Digi’s lack of respect for conflicts and lazy self-satisfaction is highly annoying regardless.

I mean, when someone decides to talk about something he himself is not into, his reaction is “'Kay, I’m gonna go sleep over here now, because I’m a cute cat and not an overweight idiot NASCAR fan with a furry fetish.”

Whatever happened to ‘XXXXX isn’t my thing’ or simply not posting?


A worthy question. And if he does not hate something but has nothing to say, he just posts “yes that is interesting >^.^<”, which everyone knows is the greatest post ever.

Now I suggest we end this segway (oh hay it’s Steve) and get back to the matter at hand:

I think we all know why.

So he’s Leon?

I think we all know why.

Because of Leon?

I do not know how he compares with Leon. All I know is that I would like to see him and Leon but heads.

Also yes.

I read part II of the articl, which I had not noticed before. I find the circle of shame, illegal masturbation, and the blatant power abuse especially disturbing. Also, the fact that they are making the kids listen to Usher is a vile, evil crime.

Since Digi is on my forums, it’s my job to respond:

But first:

Probably because it’s one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read. :smiley:

Now anyway.

Digi is rather nice. Yes. But he posts a lot. More than Leon. But he’s less stupid than leon. Just nice. And um… Nice. Like “I hate Vaska” nice. Also “I hate Oblivion” nice. And likely “I hate Romsus” nice.

yes that is interesting >^.^<