Oh hey I'm 21

So to celebrate my 21st birthday, at exactly midnight I went to my local 7-11 and purchased a bottle of smirnoff ice. The cashier looked at my ID, back to me, and back to the ID before saying in a hushed tone “Uh, happy birthday.” Then I went home, had a toast, and a shot of rum witht he smirnoff chaser. I think I’m scheduled to go to a titty bar or something later on, but I don’t know what my friend’s plans are for me at the moment. So uh hey, that’s kinda neat.

Well a happy birthday to you in that case!

Too old. Didn’t read.

it’s past your bedtime go to bed

p.s. happy birthday

So how hungover are you?

Happy Birthday.

I give you about…oh…2 months before you swear of Smirnoff drinks forever.

You should also give chilled raspberry sake a shot (LOL PUN) sometime. That stuff is fantastic.

The night of my birthday I got totally wasted on Frïs vodka and Smirnoff ice chaser. There was still 3/4 of a bottle left when I passed out. When I woke up though, it somehow left my bedroom, ended up in the livingroom, and most of it was gone. Happy freakin’ birthday guys! what a nice present…