Oh God Oh God

heavy breathing into phone to Ambrosia

Here is the information you need:

This is Escape Velocity, running as an EV:Nova plugin, running on Windows. It will also work for Mac. Victory.

Second verse, same as the first and a whole lot more EV:Override. This one happens to be running on OS X (as can be seen by the title bar), but it will also work on PC.

It is an exciting time to use either OS X or a PC.

What is this poorly rendered madness?

Poorly rendered? What is this rendering?


I guess the graphics were probably rendered once upon a time… by which i mean 1996 and 1998. But really, who plays EV for the graphics? (answer: no one plays EV for the graphics, they play it for the victory)

Please educate me on this victory you speak of.

You must wait until it is released, I am afraid.

I’m not buying what looks like a graphically enhanced Asteroids without a damn good reason.

Then download it when it comes out. Here’s a big old tip: Ambrosia makes shareware.
Just don’t try to use it for more than 30 days unregistered, Cap’n Hector will kill you.


Shareware. The plugins are free, though. So it’s three games for $30.00, and you can try them before paying.

I am less happy than before.

I think it looks like fun… me being the kind of person who puts gameplay over aesthetics.

Find Mac -> try out.
Wait for PC version -> try out.

The gameplay is excellent. That is why pretty much ever Mac user ever loves the EV.

I’ll agree to the fact that gameplay is important, but a certain level of graphism is expected nowadays. Anyway, I shall try it out as soon as possible.

There are those who remember how glorious Tetris is despite its graphical paucity, and do not judge games based on appearance alone. Remember, Tetris died for our sins and led us out of Egypt and spent several nights in a cave until God spoke to it, yet was nothing more than squares falling from the sky and some kick ass music.

Tetris Attack is better, and has been improved by graphic evolution in the form of Pokemon Puzzle League. Do not scoff at the League without playing it, for it is mighty and addictive, containing puzzles, great music, extra features, and random Pokemon Trivia and artwork. A winner in my book. [/end not-sarcasm]

Did you just say that something Tetris-like was better than Tetris? I hope you did not. Tetris will hear about it and when you die you will go to Gulag.

If you go into space you will see that Vonslinia is Tetris-block-tastic.


And you will die alone and rot in the ground for not having heeded the word of the League.